Weekly Money Horoscope for January 15 to January 21

Weekly Money Horoscope for January 15 to January 21

Here’s your weekly money horoscope for the week commencing January 15! If it does its job properly, which it tends to, the new moon in conservative Capricorn might make you think twice before splurging. Venus and the sun arrive in humanitarian Aquarius on the new moon’s coattails, possibly encouraging you to weigh up the pros and cons of living in a material world. 

Aries weekly Money Horoscope

This week’s money horoscope has a few surprises up its sleeve if you’re one of those Aries that keeps asking yourself ‘when am I gonna catch a break?’ You either catch a break or you get a heads up this week as to when you’re likely to catch one of the financial variety. Oh, and many of you won’t be able to resist the pull towards spending on unusual/strange/futuristic objects!


Taurus weekly Money Horoscope

You might look at someone and recognize that they’re rich in ways that you’d like to be. Perhaps you can think yourself this way or do it by reading the right kind of book or watching the right kind of blog? Venus reaches the pinnacle of your horoscope and convinces you that you’re Rockefeller in your head when you might be as poor as the church mouse in reality. 

Gemini weekly Money Horoscope

The Capricorn new moon urges you to row your boat gently down the stream avoiding whirlpools and rapids, i.e. risky investments. It’s a winning time to make sure insurance policies and all the rest of it are up to scratch (you may even decide to make a will whatever your age!) Venus and the sun in Aquarius possibly make you desirous of having a vacation to look forward to.

Cancer weekly Money Horoscope

Even if the muscles tighten in your face and a vein starts to throb on the side of your head out of frustration at the trickle-down effect caused somebody else’s reckless spending that’s now raining down heavily on you, you’ll smile sweetly and work out a solution mutually. Your money horoscope ups the chances of you spending alone or on sex-related stuff.  

Leo weekly Money Horoscope

Your hard work speaks for itself and this might be all that’s needed for you to be recognized as the rightful beneficiary of some kind of financial uplift. No negotiation required! There’ll be more pooling of resources if you’re in a relationship, whereas if you’d like to be in a relationship where you’d have this kind of luxury, some of your cash might very well be earmarked for improving your chances of finding love. 

Virgo weekly Money Horoscope

You want to feel and look good and you might be more extravagant in your pursuit of both. Hello spending on luxuries or so-called miracle cures that always seem to pop up at this time of year. Why not if it makes you feel a million bucks! A long-term financial commitment is one way to make you stick to a healthier lifestyle. 

Libra weekly Money Horoscope

If your closet’s looking as empty and as desolate as the Antarctic and it’s leaving you cold every time you visit it, you may wish to splash out on stuff to fill it. Part of you craves the comfy, utilitarian look but the other half wants to be a bit daring and buy stuff that makes people look twice! Any reaction is better than none.


Scorpio weekly Money Horoscope

You might decide to seek out some professional advice if you’re worried about mounting debt, or confide in a family member about it. This week’s money horoscope might also bring you some fun ways to make savings in manageable chunks so that you don’t feel the pinch too ferociously. A home repair that you’ve been putting off might not be able to wait any longer. 

Sagittarius weekly Money Horoscope

A new moon in your money zone is a fantastic portent. If it doesn’t net you a little extra cash this week then it’ll boost your sense of your own worth, which immediately makes others value you more and improves your relationship with money in one go. Expect a few communal or neighborhood expenses if you live in an apartment.  

Capricorn weekly Money Horoscope

You intend to make hay while the sun shines and fix the roof – yup, you won’t dither when it comes to capitalizing on any dollar-generating opportunities that are thrown down in front of you. This might be the right time to have a face-to-face meeting with a representative at your bank to see if you’ve got all the right financial products. 

Aquarius weekly Money Horoscope

Credit cards. Overdrafts. Many of us are keeping our heads above water thanks to the magic money tree that is the never-never. Perhaps you’ll look at ways of consolidating debt this week or you’ll simply choose to put it all out of your mind and focus on love because the love planet’s in your sign as of this week! What you give out comes back to you tenfold. 

Pisces weekly Money Horoscope

Solar power. Wind power. Girl power. All of this kind of stuff is of interest to you this week, and if you can make a few savings while saving the planet then you’ll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself! Elsewhere, you get your kicks by spending in secret, or you might be moved to set up a regular monthly charitable contribution directly from your bank account without crowing about it!

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