Weekly Money Horoscope for November 13 to November 19

Yes folks, it’s that time again already, when we delve into your weekly money horoscope – this time for the week commencing November 13!  Moon’s in Virgo at the start of the week so we assume that you won’t mind working a little harder for the money, before splurging midweek as it slips into the sign of Libra, loosening all our belts and corsets.  Thursday’s Venus trine Neptune mightn’t give you much to show for your money other than a sore head and some sketchy-but-good memories. Then it’s the turn of the weekend’s new moon in Scorpio to straighten everybody out, cos it’s then that we all get serious about licking our finances into shape!

Aries weekly Money Horoscope

You start the week with the best of intentions and you end the week with a steely resolve to turn what’s happening in the sky to your advantage financially. Sandwiched in between are some weaker moments when you and your dough might be parted fairly painlessly. Peppered amongst this could be some sneaky spending on spicing up the intimate side of life!

Taurus weekly Money Horoscope

Spending time with people can make you spend more money, nothing new there, and it might be as simple as it being your turn to pick up the check if you’re out with friends. Or perhaps you’ll feel sorry for someone with less than you and help them out? Midweek is a good time for any discussions about money that require diplomacy and restraint. 

Gemini weekly Money Horoscope

Are there a few things that need fixed around the house before the holidays? If you’re nodding away then you just might earmark some money this week for that very reason. You won’t be the first person to feel that you worked harder than what you were paid, but any such feelings don’t appear to want to eat into your generosity of spirit. 

Cancer weekly Money Horoscope

You’ve a keen eye at the start of the week for spotting anything that might have been miscalculated, or you stretch a budget further. You may or may not get a bargain if you’re looking to squeeze in one last vacation before the end of the year or if you’re planning a Christmas vacation, but you may stumble across a destination that few people know about!

Leo weekly Money Horoscope

The more positive your self -image, the greater your chances of attracting people into your life who’ll enrich it. Coupled Leos might jointly invest in something private or that others see a frivolous, like a hot tub! Single Leos might spend money on something that will improve their chances of not spending another Christmas alone.

Virgo weekly Money Horoscope

Being the self-sufficient zodiac sign, Virgo, that you are, you don’t really like to ask for much in the way of favors. This week, you may have to. Look at it this way, the person you’re asking may feel honored that you’ve turned to them because it’s such a rarity! The weekend’s new moon makes a new gadget kind of irresistible. 

Libra weekly Money Horoscope

It’s probably easier to keep quiet at the start of the week or to be vague about how much you have to spare. If you have anything to spare. The heavenly midweek madness might see you spend it before you’ve even earned it, but all sense returns by the weekend and the new moon in your financial zone. Yup, it’s a new start ahoy on many fronts.

Scorpio weekly Money Horoscope

Maybe this will be a week for one final fling when you spend what you don’t really have or buy something extra for the kids or bring some more sparkle into your own life. The new moon at the weekend will then teach you how to say ‘no’ and help you plan and cut your cloth according to your pattern, if that’s what you want to do.

Sagittarius weekly Money Horoscope

Look out for Christmas gift hints being dropped - or you get dropping some of your own! Spending in secret is likely, as is investing in kitchen equipment. The new moon makes you less materialistic and perhaps you’ll start donating to charity or invite someone over for Thanksgiving or Christmas whom you suspect will be alone otherwise.

Capricorn weekly Money Horoscope

Money might not be burning a hole in your pocket if you’re burning the candle at both ends, but what the hell! This is the week when you’re more likely to spend on what brings you pleasure rather than worry about rainy days and ‘what-if’s’ all the damn time. The sensible you returns by the weekend, but you’re not judgmental with it, which is nice.

Aquarius weekly Money Horoscope

Last week wasn’t very good for striking up the saver/hibernation instinct in any of us and neither is this week. Consider that you might be spending to outshine a ‘rival’. Normal service resumes by the weekend, which is when you could decide to look for another job, or decide to follow in the footsteps of one of your parents (whatever age you are).

Pisces weekly Money Horoscope

You might learn how not to do it as the week's horoscope swings into action by observing how somebody else deals with a similar situation. You’ll probably tell yourself  “it’s only money” a few times before the week is out, but checking your bank balance might not be as painful an experience as you imagine by the weekend.

Nov 11, 2017 11:00:27
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