Weekly Career Horoscope for November 13 to November 19

Here’s what’s happening in the sky in your weekly career horoscope for the week commencing November 13!  Moon transits the zodiac sign of Virgo at the start of the week, setting an industrious tone, plus you’ll know what’s expected of you work-wise. But, with the distracting and hypnotic whirlpool effect of Venus trine Neptune waiting in the wings, the question is: can you be bothered to do it? The new moon in Scorpio at the weekend is keen to purge an outworn scenario or smoke out that which merely went underground rather than went away!

Aries weekly career horoscope

You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty because your horoscope is a great leveler this week! There are plenty of distractions as time marches on, though, and your personal life threatens to seep into your work time more than it usually does. In other news, more people than you think might be aware of an ‘office’ secret’

Taurus weekly career horoscope

It’s one of those weeks when you might try to get away with doing as little as possible, because it’ll be hard, if not impossible, at times to focus your mind on the job. Perhaps an idea or a concept will be sold to you that, once you’ve had time to think it over properly, doesn’t really make sense or add up.

Gemini weekly career horoscope

You might find it trickier to motivate yourself this week if you work from home or if your boss isn’t breathing down your neck because he or she is away or distracted with other business. And speaking of your boss, just because they’re your superior doesn’t make them immune to being wrong!

Cancer weekly career horoscope

Do they have the walk to go with the talk? You might not find out, but you’ll happily listen to some grandiose plans and schemes all the same, and maybe even pretend that you’re on board just to shut the person up or because it whiles away a few hours! The new moon in Scorpio helps to promote that ‘Friday feeling’! 

Leo weekly career horoscope

You might prefer to remain below the radar or let other people take the strain if you can get away with it! Just be aware that you won’t be alone in this thanks to distracting Venus and Neptune’s friendly relations! Your career horoscope also advises that you get in writing any verbal agreement about your pay/bonus/working hours etc.

Virgo weekly career horoscope

You’ll either be focused or all over the place at the start of the week. You’re a sign that likes to feel useful, but not even you are immune to the eroding effects Venus and Neptune will have on focus and resolve this week. If only there were a job where you had to gaze out of the window all day eating candy, occasionally chatting on Facebook! Now wouldn’t that be something! 

Libra weekly career horoscope

You probably start the week wishing it was still the weekend, but this week may be a lot more fun than you first think because Venus and Neptune have the power to put a gloss on what is usually bland and mundane. The new moon in Scorpio increases your earning potential as the week goes by, self-belief permitting. 

Scorpio weekly career horoscope

Venus in your sign gives you a killer charm and a devastating persuasiveness.  People will find it difficult to say ‘no’ to you. Working with someone to help them learn the ropes could reignite your own interest in your job, and you’re able to explain complex things in fun and interesting ways.  The new moon in your sign at the weekend prevents any further stagnation, if that’s been a problem. 

Sagittarius weekly career horoscope

You hit the ground running at the top of the week, and more people than usual appear to be gravitating towards you for help regardless of whether it’s your responsibility or not! By the time Venus and Neptune work their magic, you’d probably rather be anywhere else but at work, although you wouldn’t want to miss out on new moon-induced work opportunity now, would you!

Capricorn weekly career horoscope

If you want to get ahead this week, then your career horoscope advises that you do it your way - even if it’s a bit quirky. If you have an idea that might take some selling, or you’re looking for the right time to get someone in a good mood to sell it, then this is your week to strike. Whether they’ll feel the same way next week or not is another matter!

Aquarius weekly career horoscope

A week for consolidation and for trying to rein in unnecessary anything  - like spending or conversations or going through ten different people when one will do. If, that is, your job allows you to use your common sense. What you take from a discussion and what someone else takes from a discussion might be poles apart!

Pisces weekly career horoscope

Venus connecting to your ruling planet, Neptune, means that however much people say a decision isn’t personal, you may think that they protest too much. You’re an excellent people-reader, and you may admire someone that just gets on with it and that is able to tune out from what else is going on, whereas you might not be able to do the same this week.

Nov 9, 2017 02:52:40
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