Weekly career horoscope for January 15 to January 21

Weekly career horoscope for January 15 to January 21

Here’s your January 15 weekly career horoscope! All you really need to know about this week’s sky is that there’s a new moon in career-oriented Capricorn, meaning that it’s time to recalibrate your career engine and get it purring again!

Aries weekly career horoscope

You should be well into your stride at work thanks to a new moon shining at the top of this week’s Aries career horoscope. You’re looking for more assurances and guarantees, or for some pastoral care from your superiors. This is the time to vocalize ambition. In other news, a boss should know better, but that’s not always how the cookie crumbles.


Taurus weekly career horoscope

Still feeling a bit rusty? That’s understandable being as though we’re still in the holiday hangover. Your mind’s nevertheless racing with all kind of stuff more exciting than work and you’re eager to get your teeth into a challenge, unless you’re one of those lucky bulls in a job that’s mentally challenging enough. Try not to wish your life away by focusing too much on your next vacation. 

Gemini weekly career horoscope

Your career horoscope invites you to take advantage of an offer that’s been on the table for a while even if holding out hasn’t brought you all of what you hoped it would. In other news, this is one week when you can’t make it alone and when you’ll have to lean on colleagues for support. 

Cancer weekly career horoscope

A new moon in your opposite sign inevitably makes you feel as if you’re the one doing most of the compromising. That’s because you probably are. But the results can be fabulous if you can wait it out and tune out from people stating the obvious, and it so happens that you’ve just the right amount of the patience to meet these cosmic requirements. 

Leo weekly career horoscope

It’s a case of less is more this week and resisting any temptation to overegg the pudding. The same goes for not making waves and looking for or creating complications where there weren’t any to start with. You’re adept at taking your ego out of situations to find the best fix all round. 

Virgo weekly career horoscope

A new moon in a fellow earth sign keeps you grounded, but where it is in your horoscope can also inflate your ideas and your confidence. Just because it’s January doesn’t mean that you can’t organize something fun with work colleagues. To others it might look like you’re wasting time, but the percolation/do nothing stage is a very necessary part of the creative process. 

Libra weekly career horoscope

The Capricorn new moon is fabulous news for all those of you lovely Libras that work from home. Ditto all those of you that find themselves between jobs – and the cosmos may throw up an opportunity for you, too, to work from home. If you’re working away, you might show your emotional side to make a point. 


Scorpio weekly career horoscope

The Capricorn new moon gives you a chance to wipe the slate clean or to make it up with someone face to face without the need for arbitration. There might be more gossip flying around than usual, or you get wind of the fact there could be some big changes on the way staring at the bottom up. 

Sagittarius weekly career horoscope

Any kind of interference from on high that normally feels suffocating to you might actually feel like it’s warranted this week. Other people bend and break but you remain fixed and unyielding if you believe it to be in your own best interests. We must all be a bit selfish sometimes.

Capricorn weekly career horoscope

You’re the anointed one this week, dear Capricorn. A new moon in your sign is pressing the re-set button and, like Donald Trump, your button is bigger than everybody else’s. Unlike him you don’t feel the need to brag about it! Now’s the time to get into the right career lane if you’ve been splashing about in the wrong one for too long.

Aquarius weekly career horoscope

It’s okay not to have a particular goal to focus on at this new moon because it’s more of a moving target for you anyway according to your career horoscope. By helping somebody else with their CV, say, or by pulling a few strings on their behalf, you actually end up helping yourself by boosting your own career prospects. 

Pisces weekly career horoscope

Rules and regulations and those that rigidly uphold and police them seem entirely unnecessary to you thanks to the rabble-rousing new moon in Capricorn. This makes you popular with colleagues but authority may take a dim view of you, and by shrugging your shoulders and not caring what they think, you cast yourself as the victor.

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