Single Love Horoscope

Single Love Horoscope

Single’ is a status that suits some signs more than it does others. Regardless of which camp you fall into, you’d need to have a heart as hard as an avocado stone not to be even the slightest bit intrigued about when’s good to find a relationship in 2017 according to your single love horoscope. So here we go…

Single Aries Love horoscope

Feeling amorous?  Looking for some fun? When aren’t you, dear Aries! The eclipse in Leo on February 10/11 is when you might just decide to have an affair or wrap yourself up in someone bright and energetic as a welcome distraction from this cray-cray world we’re living in. The love planets in your sign on Valentine’s Day prompt you to send that card instead of putting it back in the drawer, while also increasing the likelihood of you getting one. The move of the Venus into Libra on October 14 sends you dizzy for serious commitment, or this energy makes you the object of some pretty dizzying affection.

Single Taurus Love horoscope

Finding love is a serious business to you, dear Taurus. The bloom seldom goes off the rose in your affections even after the honeymoon stage. Your ruler Venus hits your sign early June, and with your statue-like patience it shouldn’t be too big an ask for you to wait until then, even though you’ll be as horny as hell from around mid-March, with Mars in your sign. You don’t really do casual encounters very well though, do you? Another fertile time for finding love and clicking ‘in a relationship’ on your Facebook profile is November, from the 9 th onwards actually, during what’ll be an instinctive time.

Single Gemini Love horoscope

Love planet Venus rocks up in your sign on July 4, but it’s hardly your independence day because it sounds the cosmic klaxon on your summer of love, dear Gemini. You’re a lover not a fighter, yet Mars in your sign from April 21 until June 4 could divide your loyalty, or there’ll be a fight for love, while the eclipses in August stimulate your mind and your feet, so you could well be on the move or find love online in far-off lands. How romantic. Love finds you in December.

Single Cancer Love horoscope

Your ruler the moon starring in a lunar eclipse on February 10/11 could bring with it a rush of feelings because you decide that you’re worth it and that you want it. But choose wisely, dear Cancer: you might be stuck with this lucky devil until August! If you’ve been hiding in your shell, the arrival of Venus in your sign on July 31 could mean that the ensuing weeks are going to rock you right out of that little rock pool in which you’ve been hiding. This could be your summer of sexual revolution.

Single Leo Love horoscope

The lunar eclipse on February 10/11 is a bigger deal for you, dear Leo, because it’s happening in your sign, ditto the solar eclipse on August 21. They may darken the sky but they’ll light up your life, and you might hear a chat-up line just as corny once both eclipses take hold. Venus enters your sign on August 26 and the following bonanza-filled weeks are going to be hot like Mexico, to quote Lady Gaga. You yourself could go gaga over a hot specimen or two!

Single Virgo Love horoscope

When was the last time one of cupid’s arrows got lodged in your back dear Virgo? Can you even remember? February’s solar eclipse in your cosmic opposite number Pisces, on the 26th, is going to cause shockwaves: like that on-off arrangement finally becomes one or the other, or you decide that fortune favors the brave. Mars continues to fire you up around the time of your birthday, but love might not arrive until after September 20 when Venus comes on board to sparkle things up, but the biggie is October 5 when the love planets, Venus and Mars, are conjunct in your sign. The earth could move so make sure you’re wearing sensible shoes!

Single Libra Love horoscope

A relationship could spring from either friends or via a work colleague on the back of February’s eclipses, dear Libra. Venus in your sign from October 14 can leave you feeling lovelorn if you’re single. Inhibition goes out of the window when Mars enters your sign on October 22, however, and you’ll have an appetite for life’s pleasures and less of an appetite for pleasing others. The start of November is when a relationship makes your world go around.

Single Scorpio Love horoscope

February’s solar eclipse should zhoosh up your love life if it’s been about as exciting as watering your neighbor’s plants, dear Scorpio. When the love planets are in your sign, we’re all of us a little more sexual but you bear the biggest brunt of this energy – and your key starting dates for feeling it take hold are November 7 for Venus and December 9 for Mars. So you could be looking for love around your birthday and for, well, some company so that you won’t be spending Christmas 2017 alone.

Single Sagittarius Love horoscope

You’re usually okay with being single, dear Sagittarius, because freedom is arguably your greatest love, plus Saturn in your sign may have made you a bit too serious or distracted you with life admin stuff to bother about it anyway. February’s eclipses should help you find, or at least identify, a love potential, both at home and away. But this year should also be about hopping aboard the fun bus – and it’s going to pick you up on December 1 and taking you into a bumper, fun-packed Christmas once Saturn departs your sign on December 19.

Single Capricorn Love horoscope

You’re going to get a fabulous Christmas present this year in the form of Venus in your sign, but surely there must be something happening before that? Of course there is, dear Capricorn – and it’s when said planet arrives in Cancer on July 31. This is when a new relationship can grow from the embers of a failed one, or it’ll strike up the kind of feelings you haven’t felt in ages.

Single Aquarius Love horoscope

The more you feel, the more open you are to the world and to a new relationship, dear Aquarius, and that’s what the lunar eclipse on February 10/11 teaches you, likewise the one in your sign on August 7. These are the months when your guard is sufficiently lowered enough to let someone in. Venus in Leo from August 26 is also going to bring light relief and a few laughs into your life. This is when opposites attract.

Single Pisces Love horoscope

You won’t be finding Nemo, Dory or Neverland, dear Pisces, but you might just be finding love in 2017. It all starts with the solar eclipse in your sign on February 26, opening the field right up for the rest of the year. But it’s when the love planets are conjunct in your opposite sign of Virgo on October 5 that an instant attraction with a granite-jawed type or earth mother may cause a little tremor inside.

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