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Who will win the 2017 US Open?

Who will win the 2017 US Open?

It’s a tough one. The 2017 US Open has been such a wildly unpredictable tournament so far, which of course we love, because it makes it heaps more exciting to watch! But it also makes it harder to predict the winners, which is where astrology comes in, well, a peek into their horoscopes can certainly help outline the contenders’ strengths and weakness despite not having an accurate birth time for most of them! 

Let’s get a bit of background first of all. A fair number of the men had to drop out this year because of injury (Mercury and Uranus retrograde?), while on the women’s side, it was the first Grand Slam in years to feature four American players in the semi-finals: Madison Keys, CoCo Vandeweghe, Venus Williams and Sloane Stephens! Flushing Meadows, New York, plays host to this year’s tournament, it started on August 28 and wraps up this Sunday, September 10, with the biggest tennis court in the world, the Arthur Ashe stadium, staging the final. Incidentally, it’s the last Grand Slam of the Year, the other three being the Australian Open, the Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Let’s break it down by looking at the women first, then the men, to see if astrology helps determine the winner going on their respective natal horoscopes and transits (where the planets are right now), and around the time of the final.

Who will win the women’s singles US Open 2017?

Sloane Stephens vs. Madison Keys happens on Saturday. Both are American and both, we’re reliably informed, are on very good form. Then there’s the fact they’re both comeback kids after injuries and other setbacks. And we can’t mention women’s tennis without giving a ginormous shout-out to Serena and Venus Williams’ and their domination of the game over the years, which has helped boost the profile of American tennis in tandem with inspiring younger female athletes.

Sloane Stephens horoscope

Sloane Stephens, born March 20 1993, is Aries, which is a byword for competitive, yet with a Pisces moon, she’s also vulnerable. Natal Mars opposite Neptune and Uranus tell us that she’s also highly unpredictable and prone to letting anger get the better of her. Transit-wise, Mars opposite the moon can string a person out, while the Saturn/Uranus connection that’s going down can help her conquer her self-doubt.

Madison Keys horoscope

Madison Keys, born February 17 1995, has her sun in Aquarius and her moon in Virgo. Here we have one of those people that are always cool and never fail to prepare. Three planets in Capricorn further corroborate this, while in stark contrast, natal sun opposite Mars makes her impetuous and hot headed, but this is a fairly weak aspect. Transit-wise, Jupiter square Neptune puts her in philosophical mood, albeit a confused one, but transiting Mercury opposite natal sun is good for sharpening those mental reflexes.

Who will win the men’s singles US Open 2017?

The men are still at the semi-finals stage and the four finalists are: Kevin Anderson vs. Pablo Carreno-Busta and Rafael Nadal vs. Juan Martin Del Potro. Even non-tennis fans would probably be able to take a confident stab at naming Nadal as the current World number 1, and therefore the overall favorite, but Del Potro eliminated Roger Federer, remember dear Horoscope News readers, so both matches seem more balanced to us.

Rafael Nadal horoscope

Rafael Nadal, born June 3 1986, is a Gemini, so he’s nimble-minded and footed. His Scorpio ascendant and Taurus moon also make him sure-footed, and make up for what Gemini alone can lack in consistency and stubbornness to win. He’s determined not to be dethroned. Transit-wise, sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus all in the triumphant 10th house says it all really!

Kevin Anderson horoscope

Kevin Anderson, born 18 May 1986, is a determined Taurus, and with moon in Virgo, he’s a stickler for detail who’s no stranger to hard work. But with a scattering of planetary energies in his horoscope, he may lack the determination and focus of a champion, or possibly the all-time clincher: self-belief. Transit-wise, sun opposite natal Neptune is distracting, and possibly blind-siding for him, while being also opposite natal Jupiter can make a person complacent.

Pablo Carreno-Busta horoscope

Pablo Carreno-Busta, born 12 July 1991, is Cancer, so he’s tenacious and emotionally invested in the game, we’d say – plus his moon’s also in Cancer, seconding that estimation. This is one extremely focused young man, and with Venus and Mars conjunct in his natal horoscope, he has the passion and the drive, although his emotions might interfere with his resolve. Natal sun opposite Neptune means he’s easily distracted when down. Transit-wise, he’s fired up by what Mars and the sun are up to, but will he hold his nerve?

Juan Martin Del Potro horoscope

Juan Martin Del Potro, born September 23 1988, is Libra (just) with a Pisces moon, and together with natal Mars square Neptune, he has enough personal magnetism to charm the ball over the net. Here we have a dreamer, but his work ethic could be lacking. Possibly. Transit-wise, Jupiter’s relationship with natal Mercury tells us that he talks a good game!

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