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Demi Lovato horoscope

Demi Lovato horoscope

Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Is there anything Demi Lovato can’t turn her hand to? Let’s see what her horoscope turns up.

Demi Lovato Astrology Birth Chart

Born August 20 1992 in Albuquerque New Mexico, Demi Lovato is a sun in Leo, moon in Taurus, Pisces ascendant kind of girl and right away this combo tells us that she wields a shield of fixed and unbending mettle (Leo+Taurus), yet with a flexible underside (Pisces). She’s far from immovable, is open to persuasion and suggestion, and will hold up her hand if she screws up. She might not be as ‘together’ as the less perceptive among you might imagine, and Demi “ I could never release a song that hurt someone” Lovato ‘sees’ sensitive people and caters to their needs. She’s even held back music from release for fear of it causing hurt to a few hearts she knows, or knew.

Where does this sensitivity come from, apart from her Pisces ascendant of course? One contender is moon opposite Pluto. Demi Lovato can be forceful, yet moody, controlling yet calm, but this aspect likewise accounts for how awesome her fans think she is, how open a book she is, and how she can move them and transform their lives through her lyrics. Sun square moon strikes up a strong will and mind, plus she’s able to emote over just about anything, and especially when she gets frustrated at, say, not understating a person or a concept.

Venus conjunct Jupiter acts like a great big cosmic diffuser spreading her love right out there to all of us via her voice, tunes and words. This harmonizes beautifully with her Pisces ascendant, and we hope that she has good and principled management representing her because Demi Lovato tends to see the good in everything and everybody. This shouldn’t be a handicap in an ideal world, but the music industry is notoriously a shark-infested business.

Sitting in the 7th house, Jupiter and Venus point to larger-than-life, big personalities and physically well-built Man Mountains as her ideal type and that she’s likely to settle down with (moon in Taurus also indicates this). On her tick-list will be ‘Generous’, ‘Funny’, perhaps even ‘Spiritual’ - with a love of the high life and extravagance thrown in. To a point. Because Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in Virgo, this person will be conscious of health and what they put into their body.

Three motivating and highly energizing T-squares (focal-point planets: sun, Pluto and Chiron) reveal a dynamic personality that’s going places and Demi Lovato probably does think that she can turn her hand to anything! Other people feed off her energy when things are going well. But, with Neptune as the ruler of the horoscope and Chiron being one of those focal-point planets, she can also get lost on downward spirals of negative ‘I’m not worth it’ thinking or get stuck in holding patterns. She also has what’s known as a Yod, aka finger of God, pointing to Uranus and Neptune in the 11th house: Demi Lovato sure can break new ground, but that ground might not be the most stable to walk on.

Saturn in the spiritual 12th house is always a difficult place for this stern planet to be when you’re a well-known person because it suggests that the star of the horoscope is better off doing things alone, like work, for example. Although, you could say that Demi Lovato does work alone on stage, with all of us watching, and it’s the last part that she may struggle with as she ages. This planet in this house can be a sign of reclusive ‘Garbo’ tendencies. She could also be carrying a heavier karmic load from a previous life? Saturn is also opposite Chiron, making authority figures loom large in her world and won’t respond well to being told what to do, or being limited. 

The moon’s progressed to Aries in her horoscope right now and is slowly making its way through her 2nd house. We bet she’s hungry for new business ventures that make her lots and lots of money and could also be looking to invest in real estate, or she might be left something valuable as part of a legacy.

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