Monthly Money Horoscope for January 2018

Monthly Money Horoscope for January 2018

Say hello to your January monthly money horoscope from Horoscope News! What does a full moon in Cancer, one of the money signs, and a full moon total lunar eclipse in lavish Leo spell for your star-sign? Economy or extravagance? Stay tuned cos we’re about to tell you… 


Aries monthly money Horoscope

Caution just might give way to excess – or you successfully adding a touch of cost effective magic and recreational sparkle to what can otherwise be a pretty drab affair. If sprucing up a tired old interior, your taste is traditional and avant-garde and this costs. Why not have a go at up cycling, or similar creative venture, to save a few cents?


Taurus monthly money Horoscope

You’ll soften your attitude to a financial situation because you see the human side of it or because a parallel one touches you personally to prompt the re-evaluation. If you make promises just to shut people up at the time, then take it from us, they’ll remember and their remembering could hit you where it hurts: in the pocket!

Gemini monthly money Horoscope

You have so much financial wisdom in the bank for everybody else. Why is it easy to give advice rather than practice it? You’re not alone in this one either! Your money horoscope predicts a month where you might spend money on trying to recapture some of your lost youth – or on what you think you missed out on!

Cancer monthly money Horoscope

You don’t mind a bit of dirty work this month because, and as the Brits say, ‘where there’s muck (dirt), there’s brass (money)! In other words, you might make a killing, or a tidy sum at least, by turning your hand to stuff that others wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole!

Leo monthly money Horoscope

It’s you and your psychological wellbeing that are going to where you’re directing your dollars in January 2018. Are you having bad dreams, for instance? Not feeling yourself? Then maybe you need some spiritual guidance instead of trying to suppress all of this kinda stuff by spending on ‘buttons and bows’!

Virgo monthly money Horoscope

You can be generous with everybody else yet when the plate gets to you there’s little more than a carcass to pick over. Not good. Unless, that is, you’re getting some kind of kick from playing the martyr? Or, you might help out a genuine victim, or buy on the back of those infomercials/be glued to the home-shopping channel!

Libra monthly money Horoscope

When others over dramatize and turn a hiccup into World War 3 is when you step up to the plate. Spending on ways to improve your career prospects? You may want to rope in friend, or there’s unrest in your financial objectives because of your pals. Are you spending to salve your conscience? 


Scorpio monthly money Horoscope

There’s definitely a need in you to get away from it all as January swings in, but do you have the wherewithal for it? That’s where the eclipse comes in because it spurs you on to earn a bit extra so that you can live your dream. Pinning a pic of your dream holiday destination somewhere at work might help motivate you! 

Sagittarius monthly money Horoscope

You don’t want to feel like you’re tied to it or are a slave to finance, but we all are, Sag. Even the mega-rich feel the need to keep on making more and more of the stuff. You might not get a license to print money this month, but that eclipse in fellow fiery Leo sure singles you out as one of the lucky ones.

Capricorn monthly money Horoscope

The full moon in Cancer shares the financial burden, as does the eclipse, so you’re not on your own this month if you’re mopping up a mess or trying to work out how you’re gonna eat while paying for Christmas. If none of this is a worry for you, then perhaps a real estate investment would be an idea?

Aquarius monthly money Horoscope

You work those little fingers to the bone at the start of the month and are then happy spend most of it on your beloved or loved ones without question. Business partnerships are also favorably highlighted, as is fulfilling ‘contractual obligations’ and one person leaning on the other and vice versa. 

Pisces monthly money Horoscope

What looks like risk taking to others might have taken careful planning on your part. If you choose to work harder for more money and it takes you out of the house more, this may have a beneficial effect in other areas where there’s been inactivity lately. There’s such a thing as being too accessible or acting like someone’s personal ATM.

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