Monthly Career Horoscope for January 2018

Monthly Career Horoscope for January 2018

Welcome to your January monthly career horoscope from Horoscope News! Here’s what’s happening in the sky: a full moon total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31! That’s the big news, eclipsing all the other stuff happening up there. Here’s how it’ll influence your zodiac sign’s career choices!

Aries monthly career Horoscope

Push for the way that you would do it without tarnishing your team-player sheen  – that’s our stellar advice to you this month! Slightly, but not too far, out on the fringes is actually an advantageous place for you to be. Prepare for your career to take an unexpected turn, or turns, or it’ll be the opposite of what you imagined it would be when you finally get round to working on a project/with a new  person/team.


Taurus monthly career Horoscope

Seeking career advice from family members, especially older ones, could turn up something that you didn’t know about your family history that might be beneficial to your future career choices. It’s also a month where you might be working more in a support role, or one where you find it trickier to leave your personal life at home. There’s bound to be a crossover sometimes. Happens to us all.

Gemini monthly career Horoscope

Might be a blessing that patience isn’t your strong suit because it means that, after what you deem the appropriate amount of discussion, you’re the one that can’t be bothered with endless regurgitating so you start doing. And with great gusto if you were publically doubted. Massaging some of the figures if they don’t add up - or some egos - along the way might land you in hot water, so please remain neutrally honest! 

Cancer monthly career Horoscope

Determination and dedication are your career wingmen during the month of January. You might know that it’s gonna be a bit of a struggle, to get where you want to be, but you don’t mind some hard work. Doubly so if there’s a competitive element to it. You’ll also snap up any overtime or find another way to augment your income, like a second job, or selling stuff on ebay, perhaps?

Leo monthly career Horoscope

Your monthly career horoscope predicts that you’ll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself all in all, possibly because you’ll manage to steer a situation nearing a dead end to a close, well it’ll be more a case of rounding it off, no harm done. You’re being given a chance to reconnect with what used to make you want to get up each morning or find something that better suits where you’re now at in life. 

Virgo monthly career Horoscope

Getting on in your career or changing it usually requires some sacrifice or other. But you’re okay with that. It’s other people that might not understand your drive to make a difference, but you’re okay with that too. Quitting the rat race and ‘giving back’ cravings whir around your heart/head. Why not look into the charity sector/volunteering on the side instead of saying/doing anything too drastic? 

Libra monthly career Horoscope

Is there really such a thing as a glamorous career or does everything feel humdrum in the end? Even Beyoncé’s heart must occasionally sink as she waits in the wings to perform the same old stuff. You’re happy to look into what might look to be a more glamorous/a cakewalk, but you won’t be making any moves before you’ve checked out every angle.  Doesn’t stop it looking knee-jerk to some, though, if you do take the plunge, cos you’re a secretive sort. 


Scorpio monthly career Horoscope

Continuity with the past is what your drive for security demands. Doggedly strive to make a temporary contract permanent if you can, or look out for any perks or benefits that you’re now entitled to if you’ve worked for the same employer for a certain time. Watch that your boss doesn’t try to play the ‘but we’re all one big family’ card when it suits them.

Sagittarius monthly career Horoscope

The lunar eclipse is a great fit in your horoscope, helping you fight for a better career fit in a life that now feels less restricted since Saturn’s recent departure. Perhaps you’ll asked to be moved to another department or you’ll ask to be transferred to work in another dept./city? If you’re a Sagittarian that likes travel, finding a new career that incorporates your wanderlust could soon become your latest career hobbyhorse.  

Capricorn monthly career Horoscope

You might take this month’s cosmic opportunity to drill down to the core of the matter. Or you might feel a calling to a new career that you really can’t explain and feel awkward about vocalizing. Equality matters. Everybody should be being paid the same for doing the same job. Your career horoscope can’t rule out feelings developing when two people work closely together.

Aquarius monthly career Horoscope

Doing it by committee rather than taking sole responsibility might be something you’ll consider doing whether you carried the can in the past or not. You get your kicks from seeing other people flourish that deserve to, but if someone is lauded and you think that it’s undeserving, you might not be able to stop yourself from politely saying so!

Pisces monthly career Horoscope

Everything you do should come back to you. Fishy fins crossed. Even if you have to step in to correct somebody else’s sloppy work, you won’t dine out on it. Deciding that you’d rather work alone could be right for you. It’s surprising just how much you can cram into each day – including the odd lunchtime walk/gym visit  - once you get into a rhythm!

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