Monthly career horoscope for November 2017

Read on to find out if life’s on the up career-wise for your zodiac sign in November - a month when careerist Saturn sextiles charming Venus (schmooze the boss like crazy), and when sun trines retrograde Neptune (good news if you work in or near or with water, or for floating an old idea repackaged as a new one). Saturn trine Uranus favors a combination of old and new working methods. Oh, and Venus enters Scorpio: not a month for wishy-washy compromise!

Aries monthly career Horoscope

Coming up against sweet, well-mannered but no less stingingly effective resistance sets off a few fireworks at work. You’re as keen as mustard to push through some new and more efficient ways of working, and getting traditionalists onside should be a cakewalk.

Taurus monthly career Horoscope

Prepare to be sweet-talked into making a colleague’s life easier, or agreeing to something on the spot. You’re more emotionally tuned in to your working environment, or you make excuses for a hapless colleague or help cover up one of their mistakes when their mind was off the job!

Gemini monthly career Horoscope

Your boss’s head might not be on the job as November finds its feet, or a newly appointed one requires patience and understanding. The move of Venus into Scorpio on November 7 reacquaints you with a lost passion. A friend offers you career advice whether you asked for it or not!

Cancer monthly career Horoscope

If we behaved at work the way we do at home we’d probably all get fired, but you seem to get away with it more and more as the month goes on. It’s not that you’re taking liberties, rather it’s a case of a little of your private life inevitably spilling over into your career. That’s just the way it is.

Leo monthly career Horoscope

Have you been seconded to another role temporarily? Are you covering for another person’s absence? Either scenario, or a similar one, might become permanent. Short-cutters and risk takers are calmed down by this month’s sky. You’re tempted to apply for a job overseas

Virgo monthly career Horoscope

A mistake you make early on in the month turns out to be the best move you’ve made in ages. Post November 7 is the best time to ask for a raise, or you find that you’ve actually missed doing a part of your job that you couldn’t wait to be relived of at the time.

Libra monthly career Horoscope

You finally get to know where you stand, and this could mean some tough negotiations. You might go from a part-time to a full-time contract, or get more of a secure financial footing in your job, like a pension scheme or bonus for example. The general rule of thumb: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Scorpio monthly career Horoscope

Venus in your sign from November 7 turns you into a pleasure-seeking missile and you’re happier to delegate or spend at least one day out of the five on Facebook or online shopping. Someone could steal one of your ideas and pass it off as their own while you’re not looking. You care less about other people think because of what you know.

Sagittarius monthly career Horoscope

An old way of working should be replaced by a new one that’s more streamlined, or one that was trialed before but didn’t get off the ground the first time it was mooted. Might be best to keep some insider info that you get wind of under your hat. Plans are afoot behind the scenes.

Capricorn monthly career Horoscope

The sky refills your own little reservoir of hope. Something happens that you never intended on, yet this possibly turns out to be the best outcome all round. You speak up on behalf of anybody you think is getting a raw deal and it feels bittersweet to get one over on a mean boss.

Aquarius monthly career Horoscope

Longer-term saving might be more of a realistic option if you’re sick of living paycheck to paycheck. You’ve the enviable talent of knowing when to quit. You’re also excellent at managing your time. If you’ve been job-hunting, you could find one that’s nearer to home or one that pays for childcare, especially if you had to put your career on hold.

Pisces monthly career Horoscope

On-the-job training or a refresher course where you also top up your knowledge could be on the cards, or you might be sent on some kind of residential course. You’re now in a far better position to outmaneuver - and outwit - authority figures in negotiations, especially over money!

Oct 29, 2017 13:56:52
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