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September 13 2017 Daily Horoscope

September 13 2017 Daily Horoscope

Sun squares Saturn and things don't feel all that pleasant in your Wednesday daily horoscope news. Are you out of options? It’s only Saturn clashing with the sun and crushing you under the responsibility of it all. Whatever the limitations, or your obligations, the sun is your life-giving force. And it’s in Virgo. Do the right thing! Pick it apart and put it back together again. Take it one bit at a time. Mutable zodiac signs, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius feel the squeeze…

Your Wednesday horoscope is heavy as a rock…

Sun square Saturn

It’s not the most pleasant of days and Wednesday’s horoscope picks up where Tuesday left off. We have the sun square Saturn in Sagittarius for the very last time (Saturn changes signs into Capricorn soon!) and this could put a bit of a downer on your perspective. But it is indeed all about perspective! Have you garnered any wisdom over the past couple of years? Are you serious about where you see this going? Then get down to it! Perseverance and a sense of duty will see you through.

Gemini Moon - Venus, Jupiter Uranus

It’s a chatty, inquisitive start to the day as the Gemini moon makes a whole lot of harmonious aspects in your morning horoscope. Jupiter is up first helping you perk up a bit which is sorely needed. Then comes Uranus, helping you get unstuck if your mind is seeing nothing but problems. Ride a higher wavelength!

Cancer Moon sextile Mercury/Mars

The afternoon and evening promise to be much more emotional as the moon enters sensitive Cancer. That’s a moody beast and you may become one too if you let yourself be swayed hither and tither by your feelings. Even so it need not be an unproductive sway… The moon connects with Mercury and Mars tonight, giving you creative ideas plus the oomph to pursue them! Don’t expect peace and quiet. Expect emotional conversations. It’s an eventful night!

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