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September 12 2017 Daily Horoscope

September 12 2017 Daily Horoscope

Follow Beyonce’s advice and put a ring on it! Love planet Venus in Leo trines Saturn in your Tuesday daily horoscope news today and your love ain’t worth anything unless you show it in concrete, measurable ways. It’s a day to sign the contract, seal the deal, commit and shake hands on an important agreement. Meanwhile the moon hits last quarter helping you see things differently. Fire signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, now you see what really matters. 

Your Tuesday horoscope brings a dose of realism…

Venus trine Saturn

Time to put your money where your heart is. What is most important to you? Is your love real? Is this a worthwhile investment? That’s what Saturn is asking just before he links up with love planet Venus. Be ready to seal the deal. If you are serious about what or whom you love, now’s the time to make it official. 

Moon square Neptune

The Gemini moon is heading toward its last quarter tonight but not before it bumps into Neptune. Moon and Neptune had a ball in Pisces at your full moon horoscope only a week ago, bringing to life strange and beautiful dreams. But now you’re made to wonder how much of this was real and how much was poppycock. And how to make sense of it all. It’s an unsettling Tuesday morning.

Last Quarter Gemini Moon square Saturn

It’s not a day for the flaky or the fainthearted. Saturn is heavy-handed with the last quarter moon in Gemini this evening. As the half moon rises in the skies it opposes party-pooper Saturn and you need a healthy dose of realism to move forward from here. It’s all about changing your perspective. Don’t lose heart. See it as a challenge! A challenge to bring as much of the beautiful dream revealed at the Pisces full moon to reality!

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