The Ascendant

The Ascendant is one of the most important elements in our astrology chart, the one that signifies our external appearance and the way we choose to express who we truly are. In order to find which sign our Ascendant is in and which planet rules this aspect of our personality, we have to know the time and place we were born, something which is not always easy or accurate. By carefully observing the way each individual expresses their inner self we can have a pretty good idea of where their Ascendant is.

The Ascendant meaning in each zodiac sign

Learn about the Ascendant – the Rising Star and its meaning for your horoscope. The Ascendant’s house is the first house in our astrology chart –that is, the components making up the initial stage of our life. This part of the chart is related to our childhood and is characterized by activeness, liveliness and vitality.  Symbolizing the formation of our identity and how this was moulded within the environment into which we were born, the first house is of vital importance, and so is the sign on its cusp. If, for instance, one has Sagittarius on the cusp of the first house in their chart, it means they grew up in an optimistic environment, that would encourage inquiry and self-expression; Scorpio on the first house cusp could point to a potential danger of dying shortly after birth and to growth under overall adverse conditions, and Capricorn could indicate an environment that would suppress the vigor of the child, confining it to strict limits in order to restrain it. Of course, this period of our life exerts influence on us over the entire course of our development, and determines how we view and handle new starts, as well as the direction in which we channel our energy.

At the same time, our Ascendant can provide information about our outward appearance, but also about the way we choose to express our Ego. Someone with Uranus ruling their first house will probably express themselves and act in a singular and unconventional way; Venus in the first house could denote good manners and charming looks, and Mercury could indicate talkativeness and interest in the acquisition of new knowledge. The way in which we interact with others is also demonstrated in the first house and is closely identified with the first impression we are given –in our childhood– of the world. Moreover, this is the part of the astrology chart where we see our expectations, our ambitions, and how we could pursue our evolution. Thus, the Ascendant reflects our talents and the ways in which we translate them into action.

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