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What makes an accurate horoscope reading?

What makes an accurate horoscope reading?

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.  Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher

Tired of being blown about by circumstance or buffeted by other people’s whims? Keen to take greater control over your own life? Seriously consider having one of our professionals look over your horoscope! Perhaps you already have that confusing map of symbols, squiggles and numbers  - i.e. your horoscope – yet you can’t make any sense of it? Here are some tips on what makes an accurate horoscope reading!

What makes an accurate birth chart analysis?

It’s not all down to the astrologer, you know, so let’s start with you. What are you searching for from your horoscope reading? Are you, for example, looking for an overview of what makes you you: your strengths and weaknesses, the walks of life in which you’re likely to walk tall and those that are perhaps best left to others to succeed in, or are you one of those people that likes the challenge of being told ‘don’t go there’ and will go there anyway just to prove that you can? Or are you looking for the predictive branch of astrology to guide you as to when would be the best time to look for a new job, say, or sell a property, or fall in love? Or are you, like most people, looking for all of the above? Or are you specifically looking for the astrologer to delve into the fascinating area of compatibility - aka the synastry - between two horoscopes to throw light on how well, or not, the two of you jog along together, or will do? 

Get the picture? Like most things in this life worth knowing about there’s a lot more to it than you might think! Whatever your motives, you can be sure that an accurate horoscope reading will lead to greater self-awareness. You should perhaps also come armed with some questions that you’ve jotted down to prompt you if it’s a live telephone reading, even the ones you’re fearful of asking, so that you don’t kick yourself afterwards for forgetting to ask – plus this reduces the likelihood of you chickening out of asking them. There’s also a branch of this ancient and mystical art known as honorary astrology whereby you can ask a specific question for which a horoscope is cast! And also remember that you can also get accurate horoscopes for a new home, business etc. as well as for people – anything that has a beginning basically.

From the astrologer’s perspective, the Holy Grail for the most accurate horoscopes is a precise birth time, otherwise it’s like you only get to see the part of the darkened room illuminated through the door when it’s ajar, in other words you’re missing a whole heap of stuff that your horoscope wants to shine a light on. For example, you won’t know your ascendant or rising sign, which some astrologers believe is equally as important as your sun/moon sign. Neither will you know which houses, i.e. the important areas of life such as family, love, money etc. that your planets are activating, and therefore you’ll miss out on learning that, yes, self-employment or working in health care or working for NASA or starting a family at a particular time would be right for you. And it’s not just these layers of chart a missing birth time throws into disarray. The moon also passes through the signs at a rate of one sign every two-and-a-half days and so it can visit two signs on one day, so your moon sign could also be out when we have to cast the horoscope to midday or to the break of dawn, which is what astrologers tend to do in the absence of an accurate time.

Accurate horoscopes also come down to the individual astrologer’s interpretation, built up through years of experience gained working with thousands of horoscopes and compiling an internal ‘database’ of components that all fit together in different ways as dictated by that particular horoscope they happen to be working on. This is what a horoscope reading with one of our astrologers promises, not regurgitated stuff from what other astrologers say about, for example, what it means to have your sun in Libra and your moon in Scorpio. It’s all our very own home-grown wisdom that you’ll be buying. That’s why, dear people, you really should trust Horoscope News for an accurate horoscope reading, whether you’ve tried interpreting yours yourself and got nowhere, had a cloudy-at-best reading in the past, or are new to all this and are keen to find out how an accurate horoscope reading can enrich your life. 

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