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Weekend Love Horoscope 9-10 September 2017

Weekend Love Horoscope 9-10 September 2017

Here’s your weekend love horoscope for September 9/10 courtesy of Horoscope News!  Single? Don't forget to also check out your single love horoscope for September!


A David and Goliath-type scenario sees you firmly in camp ‘David’ (obvs )and fills your heart with hope. You or your partner might be having a rough time of it (up against authority?) and it’s practical support that’s required. Single? There’s a Joni Mitchell lyric from her song A Case of You that goes ‘if you want me I’ll be in the bar’ and it’s just as easy for you to drown your sorrows or play the ‘poor me’ card. Not a good look. Snap out of it this minute, dear Aries, you hear!


The fickle finger of fate is ultra-unpredictable right now, dear Taurus. Just remember that all’s fair in love and war and that there’s a compelling cosmic argument for you keeping your dignity intact even when all around you are losing theirs.  Single? Again? The garbage just took itself out! They probably weren’t right for you anyway, but had you not met this person, you wouldn’t have met the person you’re about to meet. It’s all very Sliding Doors.


Try to crack a smile, dear Gemini, even if people in your world are creaking with moans and groans like an old barn door and making you wish that you had a pitchfork to stick up their butts! (Are you smiling now?) A not-so flattering opinion of a certain person that both you & your partner happen share might be turned on its head. Single? Feelings jump up and chase your fears down the nearest freeway.


You’ve a lot to say for yourself and try to attach logic to feelings. Best of luck with that one, dear Cancer. Something, let’s call it a hunch, tells you that person ‘X’ will come through for you in the end. Single? Types that would normally be off limits because you know that they’re big game players ooze a charm that you could quite happily cover yourself in.


Who’s getting under your skin? You still manage to fly the flag for love, dear Leo. You don’t relish the thought of change even though you know that there’s a certain amount of inevitability to much of it. Single? The march of feelings won’t be stopped, whether that means you’re standing on another person’s toes or not!


There are many sweet temptations blooming all around you, dear Virgo, and though it might look to the watching world like you have your pick of all the best fruit, there was only ever one way you were ever gonna to pluck, wasn’t there? Say ‘yes’ to that invitation you fear could take you out of your social depth, or, better still, you do the inviting if you’re sick of being a one-person-band!


How does a quiet weekend of doing nothing sound, dear Libra? Like a fantasy?  Oh well, there’s always your dreams, and more memorable ones that could be trying to alert you something hidden, or you get a sense of how something in your waking life is going to turn out. Single? A person with a strong moral sense and equally as sturdy set of family values butters your muffin right to the very edges.


What a friend says to you rattles around in your head for ages afterwards, dear Scorpio. What’s that all about? If you feel strongly about an environmental issue, for example, you might try to whip your disinterested partner’s interest up in it too. Single? You want to be entertained yet you, unusually, don’t want anybody that comes on too strong.


Out to shake that single tag, dear Sagittarius? Then don’t ignore what those smiling eyes are telling you. Elsewhere, the winds of change are strong, and might leave you feeling a little exposed emotionally, or they’ll blow a person’s cover if they’ve been keeping the full extent of a situation from you. There could be jealousy if one of your careers is going better than the other’s. 


C’est la vie. That’s how you’ll handle pretty much everything this weekend. With a toss of the head as you sweep off to find something else that’s infinitely more interesting to focus your wavering attention on. Single? Goodbye Goody-Two-Shoes: you want someone with a past that can open a beer with his (or her) teeth!


Irritating people alert, dear Aquarius, and you might have to negotiate some pretty inflated egos along the way, too, but you can still find something to love or to like. Your partner, however, better be showing you nothing short of absolute devotion or they’re out in the cold. Single? Are you looking for a soul mate? Have you already met yours or are you looking too hard? 


People who need people, goes the song, are the luckiest people in the world, and, boy, do you need people, dear Pisces. Single? There’s something deliciously unpretentious about you that’ll aid and abet you attracting the right sort of attention - and on your terms. When was the last time you told your life story to a relative stranger? Yup, welcome to one of those kinda weekends!

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