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Single love horoscope for September 2017

Single love horoscope for September 2017

Let’s see what the love planets, Venus and Mars, are up to in your zodiac sign’s single love horoscope for September!

Aries Single love horoscope for September 2017

Both Venus and Mars eventually land in the most industrious part of your horoscope, dear Aries, calling for greater effort on your part if you want to give the old single life the elbow. But it’s okay to wish upon a star or two at the same time, and not be wholly practical about it all. Inviting fun into your life and giving yourself permission to believe in all sorts of possibilities won’t necessarily attract timewasters and fantasists.

Taurus Single love horoscope for September 2017

The eclipses are over but they could still sucker-punch you with a shake up in what you accept as the norm, dear Taurus, and there are more reasons to confound yourself and question what you’re putting up with. Possibly initiated, in part, by a person that’ll turn your world upside down? Key dates for you shaking it down, breaking with convention, or behaving in a way others may sneer at are September 5 and September 19/20.

Gemini Single love horoscope for September 2017

Driven as you are by a need for the familiar quite early on in the month, dear Gemini, you might veer on the clannish and throw out a suspicious vibe even in the face of perfectly nice people. The key to feeling like you’re not the odd one out or being singled out is to take people on face value up until September 20. Maybe a person that you see day to day has an interesting backstory that you might want hear the unabridged version of in the closing week of the month?

Cancer Single love horoscope for September 2017

Connectivity is key to your wellbeing as s single crab this month, dear Cancer, and you might actually get on great with that person you started off on the wrong foot with. Two sensitive people can press each other’s wrong buttons!  A liking for people with something to say and an opinion on everything from Schubert to sherbet might make you question their sincerity, or are you just looking for an excuse not to like them?

Leo Single love horoscope for September 2017

The solar eclipse is still doing its thing, as is love planet Venus in your sign, dear Leo, and right up until September 20. But there’s also a sizable influence in the ‘I’m not gonna apologize for being me’ part of your horoscope and you don’t have time for lounging with lizards or slumming it, neither do you want pretentiousness, but watch that you don’t go issuing your own ten commandments!

Virgo Single love horoscope for September 2017

Both love planets end up in your sign this month, so this is a golden time for all you single Virgos that have read, watched and talked about romance until the cows eventually came home. Now you want a piece of the pie. Are we right? These planets might wake you up if you’ve been sleepwalking your way through your waking life and doing a good job of convincing yourself that this is all you want from it. The fact you’re reading this horoscope tells us that it isn’t!

Libra Single love horoscope for September 2017

The start of the month all looks like it’s gonna be pretty much one long round of non-committal Ping-Pong (that you might actually bizarrely enjoy because it’ll help you make up your mind), rounded off with a quieter interlude at the end of the month. You’re no quitter, but it might pay you in the long run to take some time out and give a ‘relationship’ that doesn’t seem to be getting off the ground some breathing space.

Scorpio Single love horoscope for September 2017

The Venus flytrap in you might not be twitching as much as usual because you’re quite happy to go to someone rather than lure them in, dear Scorpio! You might start the month a bit standoffish or set yourself apart in splendid isolation, like a stag on a hill top, but once September 20 comes and goes, your social instincts are switched back on and you’re interested in mingling, and in people who play by their own rules.

Sagittarius Single love horoscope for September 2017

A vacation romance might propel you back up again if you’ve been down on yourself ever finding the one. Life’s too short for self-pity, dear Sagittarius. From September 20, you have a fantastic birds-eye view of your love life and where you might be going wrong. There could be a flirtation with someone you never thought looked at you in that way, or you might feel that being targeted by them was always on the cards. 

Capricorn Single love horoscope for September 2017

You’re a lot more likely to be moved by what happens before September 20, dear Capricorn, or be altered by it emotionally or materially. Other people’s rhythms have more of an influence on you, and attachments could take hold and grow arms and legs very quickly. Once September 20 has came and went, you might be restless for more than you’ve had before, like a person that can actually hold an intelligent two-way conversation. Go hang out in a library.

Aquarius Single love horoscope for September 2017

There’s no chance of you pricing yourself out of the market by putting more value on what you have to offer, dear Aquarius. Even if someone looks like phantom of the opera, it’s more about personality, that spark, and a connection, that you’re truly turned on by.  You might be on your best behavior up until September 20, after which you have no time for anybody that isn’t serious or feeling it as intensely as you are.

Pisces Single love horoscope for September 2017

The cosmos ensures that you keep your balance even if someone sends you into a spin in person or makes you feel dizzy by just thinking about them. Interestingly, playing the mediator between two people might be your own key to finding love. You might find out that someone you pined over and have always kinda carried a torch for is newly single, or that another person’s antagonistic attitude is, in fact, camouflaging a longing for you.

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