2018 Single Love Horoscope

2018 Single Love Horoscope

The heart may have its reasons, but with love planets Venus and Mars not meeting in the same sign at all in 2018, you probably don’t have time to hang about waiting to hear what they are. That’s why Horoscope News is first on the scene with this little teaser of a 2018 single love horoscope!  Full-blown love horoscope for 2018 coming soon, we promise, so whet your appetite on this in the meantime… You can also check out your general astrology 2018 horoscope for your zodiac sign.

Aries 2018 single love horoscope

Watch out! Incoming Chiron (April 17) and outgoing Uranus (May 15) plonk you in kind of cosmic wind tunnel or revolving door-type scenario! Living a different life in 2018 is, therefore, entirely possible, or the merits of the quiet life hit you like a ton of feathers. But there’ll be further realizations to come as you dig deep to discover who you are, or acknowledge something for the first time, like how deeply you were hurt, before truly moving on.

Taurus 2018 single love horoscope

Uranus in your sign from May 15 is a fabulous birthday present that’s gonna stop you imagining that you’re bringing on yourself whatever life throws at you. Shit happens. The days of you waking in the middle of the night with a solution or chatting with the nightstand could soon be over cos you’re more likely play the game and leave the single life behind You’re mad, bad and dangerous to know and your attitude to making mistakes will soon be one of ‘what the hell!’

Gemini 2018 single love horoscope

Freud might’ve said that lately you’ve been shaped by a latent attraction to people that restrict you. Saturn, the planet with its fingerprints all over this, leaves your opposite sign in December 2017 and the freeing benefits to your love life reveal themselves slowly. 2018’s biggie, of course, is Jupiter moving into your relationship zone on November 8 – and what a contrast: from famine to feast, some might say.

Cancer 2018 single love horoscope

You’re gonna properly ‘wash and shake the lettuce’ to make sure no slugs or other grubs are hiding in it during your vetting process when weighing up potential relationship material. You can thank Saturn in your opposite sign, Capricorn, for this. July 12’s new moon solar eclipse is a fabulous cosmic birthday gift that keeps on giving, and you might decide to cash in on an emotional investment you made.

Leo 2018 single love horoscope

The sultry saxophone alerts us to a sexy bit in a movie, or it did in the 70s, and if the love gods had a saxophone, you’d hear it over and over in 2018. You don’t really even like the thought of external forces conspiring for you, but a total lunar eclipse in your sign on January 31 and a partial solar eclipse on August 11 are just that, so prepare to let yourself bounce along to this cosmic rhythm. 

Virgo 2018 single love horoscope

The love planets were conjunct in your sign in early October 2017, but those days are gone, with no such meeting in any sign this year. Perhaps you’ll have less time for love and spend more time working on a thesis or adding to your novelty thimble collection? Who are we kidding! It’s always love o’clock for you – like when Venus enters your sign from July 10 to August 6 – and a summer fling beats attending BBQ after BBQ as a Single Sausage any time!

Libra 2018 single love horoscope

The February/August eclipses pack fun back in to your love life. Your ruler Venus slinks into your sign during a retrograde phase in the first half of November, before turning forward for the remainder of it. This makes you ponder, but not for long. Or you’ll decide that a person really is worth investing in, or resolve that ‘making do’ (or what others define as that) isn’t actually settling for less. 

Scorpio 2018 single love horoscope

May’s entry of highly-charged Uranus into your opposite sign, Taurus, means that you’re not lightning-proof as far as love and your heart go. It can strike at any time. Happier to improvise and be spontaneous, you’ll desire all of the above. Love planet Venus turns retrograde in your sign in October, though, so the sky will kinda force you to come up for air should a new person/influence/attitude in your life lead you fabulously astray!

Sagittarius 2018 single love horoscope

Hold the front page: your ruler Jupiter moves into your sign on November 8 and those arrows of yours might set a new world distance record for optimism. A reward for having had Saturn in your sign for roughly two-and-a-half years (until December 2017), perhaps?  Whatever your take on it, Saturn and its legacy continues to help you face fears and throw yourself into free fall, knowing there’s a safety net below!

Capricorn 2018 single love horoscope

Your ruler Saturn will be in your sign for all of 2018, so you should be feeling flushed with something that can’t be bottled. There are big changes afoot in your love life, or you see your feelings reflected back the eyes of someone interesting around July 12. Mars retrograde from August 13 to 28 makes you hesitant, or an attraction will build that you can’t do anything about, but when you do, hot damn! 

Aquarius 2018 single love horoscope

Your sign hosts a partial solar eclipse on February 15 and a total lunar eclipse on July 27. Both encourage feelings before logic, or others will be forced to have several seats as you prove them wrong. Mars retrograde in your sign from the end of June to mid August might mean that you can’t act straight away on the back of that second eclipse, but come the end of August, you sure can. 

Pisces 2018 single love horoscope

Chiron moves out of your sign on April 17 and it’s gonna feel like someone’s plucked the thorn from your side or removed the pea from under the mattress. Perhaps you’ve been too focused on what you can’t change, or on recognizing why you are how you are without actually doing anything about it.  2018 is when you get practical about such matters. Chiron re-enters your sign in late September 2018, by which time you should be sleeping easy - and with the right person beside you.